Football and Curry- a brief history in Time

Woven into the fabric of Engalnd and the UK is the game of football. It is quintessentially British. So is a curry! Combine the two and you have the workings of a fantastic British themed event! Here is a brief history of how Britons went mad for curry 1390s- And English cookbook was published called ‘The Forme of Cury’ 1747 Hannah Glasse’s ‘The Art of Cookery’ contained recipes for curries. 1852- a cookbook states that no dinner party is complete with a curry 19th Century- recipes in Cookery books added cayenne, turmeric, fenugreek and cumin 19th Century- the British in India are recorded as eating curry for all meals 1809 a newspaper advertises a new upmarket eating establishment in London

Social dining and why it is important

Society can be fast paced and hurried nowadays. One minute you get up for breakfast and the next it’s past your regular bedtime and you still seem to have 101 things to do! Quite often we lose sight of the balance between our work, family and social life but there are a host of reasons why we should take a step back, think about our lives and re-establish that balance. Social dining has long been one of our most popular pastimes. Here are some fundamental reasons why this is a good thing: Sitting down at a table to eat prevents us from eating on the go and can aid digestion and wellbeing. When we sit at a table and concentrate on our food we eat ‘mindfully’. We can think about what we eat, a

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