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Eat curry for happiness

Too good to be true?

Perhaps not!

A good curry is a combination of plenty of good, wholesome ingredients. It is common to find herbs and spices in a curry to make the deep, attractive flavours that keep us coming back for more time and time again. Although the recipes which make a Rajbelash curry are kept within the minds of our amazing chefs we can certainly divulge how the ingredients of our dishes can lighten your mood:


And the hotter the better! Because the burning sensation of chilli in our nerves releases opioids (or natural endorphins). Endorphins are the body’s natural ‘happy juice’ so enjoy that feel good factor as you eat your next madras or jalfrezi!


Did you know that pounds for pound saffron is more valuable than gold? It is also known in the east as the spice of happiness and is thought to have similar effects as anti-depressants which could help combat depression and lift mood.


The yellow colour will brighten up any dish enough to make you smile but that isn’t all that this wonderful spice can offer. Turmeric also stimulates the release of serotonin- a mood boosting hormone. The region of Kerala in India is known to provide turmeric with the highest concentration of curcumin (known for its anti-inflammatory properties).


Ok it isn’t a herb or spice but it is good for you used in curries and is known for it’s high levels of folic acid which can help to alleviate depression and reduce fatigue. Popeye knew what he was doing! Back to the serotonin that we get from turmeric: spinach contains magnesium which helps to maintain a healthy level of serotonin. Good news all round!

So whatever health benefits you require: come to Rajbelash in Cambridge and you’ll be eating amazing food whilst boosting your health! What could be better!

And with Mother’s Day coming up, why not book a table with us? Your mum can benefit from our food too!

Contact us to reserve a table

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